Accountable Care Organizations & Managed Care Contracting

The biggest change we have seen so far in 2013 is the implementation of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO).  As hospitals and health systems develop their ACO market, each individual physician group must work to prepare themselves for these changes.


How Prepared Is Your Business?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How does your participation in an ACO affect your Part A agreement?
  • How will you audit your ACO payments as these payment models evolve?
  • How do you negotiate your piece of the pie compared to other providers?
  • How does ACO participation effect your malpractice requirements?
  • Are there exclusivity issues surrounding ACO participation?
  • What are the rates being negotiated?


We Can Help

It seems the change from volume to value is moving faster than everyone thought.  Why not work with a medical team that has experience in this arena?  We have negotiated hundreds of managed care, HMO, PPO, Medical Group and even PHO contracts, we know how to create the leverage to get you a good contract and how to audit that contract for correct payment.